Clients expect results when they hire an agency to handle their social media marketing and management

Social media marketing and management key factors for small-mid size businesses:

  • When it comes to making a purchase decision the customer is in charge.
  • Countless hours are being spent on social media by consumers whose looking for entertainment, information, and networking
  • B2C and B2B customers spend a significant amount of their time on social media daily. As a business, you need to meet your targeted audience on the social media platforms they frequent daily.
  • Social media marketing and management can be very time consuming, tedious, and frustrating for businesses who rather spend their time running their business.
  • When a business decides to build a brand on social media, they’re accepting the responsibility of customer service, advertising, sales & marketing, public relations, and media building all in one.
  • Video content has become the new way of content marketing on social media. Knowing where to distribute videos on social media can be confusing, but it’s a task that AKAPOWERFULMedia is ready to make sense of.
  • Social media users Data has never been this valuable and informative for marketers like it is now. Collecting the necessary Data allows marketers to place clients content, products, or services right in front of their targeted audience.
  • Building a business on social media takes consistent strategy, absolute knowledge, and testing to produce a profitable result.
  • Every social media platform that our clients hire us to manage will be fully accessed for the most effective content creation and distribution strategy possible to maximize results.
  • Every social media marketing strategy AKAPOWERFULMedia create is well documented and shared with our clients for approval before campaign launch.
  • AKAPOWERFULMedia will create unique content for our clients and distribute that content on the platforms that return the biggest investment.
  • Informing our client’s targeted audience about their products or services is our goal.
  • AKAPOWERFULMedia will run contests, discounts, and sales strategies on behalf of our clients.

Are social media marketing and management services effective for businesses?

Without a question, social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways for a business to generate leads, learn what interest their followers have, learn their targeted audience behavior, how to make sales, and build a community around their brand.

Our social media marketing and management services go beyond just social media. We incorporate graphic design and email marketing with our services to maximize appearance, performance and lead nurturing.

What’s included in the social media marketing and management services package?

  1. Marketing Analysis and Reporting plan strategy
  2. Strategies and techniques for content creation
  3. Reporting strategy and measurement
  4. Buyer personas definition
  5. Qualified leads definition
  6. Your value proposition definition
  7. Your business goals on social media will be outlined
  8. Analysis of your current social media marketing and brand
  9. Analysis of your competition
  10. Strategy for publishing and distribution
  11. KPI’s definition
  12. Campaign development and execution strategy
  13. Strategy for engagement
  14. Templates for email marketing
  15. Lead nurturing campaigns, creation, and implementation
  16. Creating and responding to messages
  17. Social media set-up and optimization
  18. Creation of social media content
  19. Tactics for engagement
  20. 4 social media platforms managed
  21. Status updates 3 times a day/7 days a week
  22. Social media influencer outreach
  23. Social media editorial calendar development
  24. Paid advertisement is used if necessary

Our social media marketing team will always keep our clients informed of progress and modifications every step of the way of the social media marketing campaign. We will keep our clients in the loop from idea to execution. Our clients receive weekly status calls and monthly auditing.

We can customize a unique social media marketing and management services package for your business budget and needs. Just give us a call or fill out the form if you need a customized social media marketing and management services package for your business ASAP >> 347-508-1149

Who is this social media and management services package for?

Our social media marketing and management package is for:

Small-mid size businesses that want to grow their brand on social media, create engaging content on their social media platforms and make sales by using social media strategies.

Businesses who don’t have the time and don’t want to spend a fortune to see good results.

AKAPOWERFULMedia is here to ensure that our client’s social media goals are met.

Our social media marketing and management services package starts at $600/Month retainer.

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