Our team of social media consultants provides social media marketing consultancy for all size projects!

At AKAPOWERFULMedia we consult with small-mid size companies on how to leverage social media to grow their business.

We understand how important it is for our client’s internal social media marketers to be efficient, swift, and strategic. AKAPOWERFULMedia goes above and beyond to train our clients on how to do just that!

We consult with our clients on:

  1. Social media crisis management
  2. PR tactics on social media
  3. Optimization and strategy
  4. Customer service responsibilities

Our team of social media consultants is very knowledgeable about social media

Our team of social media consultants is always and I mean always in the know about the latest trends on social media:

  1. Social media new features and implementation
  2. How to contact the platforms customer service when there are issues
  3. Locate our client’s competition and out perform them
  4. How to use outbound links to generate leads
  5. Industry hashtags that generate the most leads for brands
  6. 3rd party social media apps for performance

We consult our clients with a passion for social media. Our team of consultants literally spends every waking minute on social media. It’s the first thing we do in the morning.

One of our social media consultants obsession for social media got so bad that his wife had to visit our boss and explain how “the only time she gets to talk to her husband is through Instagram DM’s.” Instead of arguing with her and butting into their personal business, our boss “Powerful” trained her in social media marketing and management and their marriage has been the best it has ever been. It’s the best because she now understands the obsession of social media that her husband has. Now their children are complaining!

AKAPOWERFULMedia’s social media marketing consultancy services offer our clients a variety of tailored social media consultancy services that cover the whole of social media marketing.

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Our social media marketing consultancy goals are to ensure that our client’s internal social media marketing team can learn and implement the strategies and techniques we layout for them to maximize growth.

AKAPOWERFULMedia’s social media marketing consultancy services prices start at $350/Month retainer.

Your social media marketing consultant will be available to you 24/7 via phone call, text, and email.

Let’s discuss your project

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