The money is in the list! So, you need email marketing services to help you build it.

Email marketing delivers one of the highest ROI because the subscribers on your list asked to be on it. They chose to opt-in for reasons that are beneficial to them.

Our job here at AKAPOWERFULMedia is to determine that reason by building a strong relationship with subscribers. We build strong relationships with subscribers by personalizing emails, creating questionnaires, and providing valuable content to them.

We help our clients create and distribute powerful email campaigns to their subscribers. Then we A/B test those campaigns for open rates.

AKAPOWERFULMedia utilizes the best email marketing tools in the industry. We consider ourselves email marketing experts because we pay close attention to detail. We maximize what email campaigns work and destroy the ones that don’t immediately so no subscribers are lost.

Our email campaigns build long-term relationships between our clients and their subscribers.

What’s included in our email marketing services package?

When you hire AKAPOWERFULMedia for a $600/Month retainer to perform your email marketing campaigns, you’ll receive:

  1. Branded newsletter forms
  2. Designed opt-in forms for social media
  3. Newsletter creation and distribution
  4. Imported subscribers
  5. List creations
  6. Weekly progress reports
  7. Email templates
  8. Social media buttons in email campaigns
  9. Autoresponders
  10. Group messaging
  11. Mobile friendly layout
  12. Lead magnet creation for collecting subscribers
  13. A strong call to action
  14. Daily, Weekly, bi-weekly newsletter distribution

and much more upon initial assessment. Just give us a call or fill out the contact form >> 347-508-1149

email marketing services

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