Who is Powerful and what is AKAPOWERFULMedia?

I am an entrepreneur from New York City and the founder of AKAPOWERFULMedia.

AKAPOWERFULmedia is a social media marketing agency that service small, medium, and large businesses in the entertainment, fashion, film, and publishing industries professionally.

Our clients come from these industries and their aim is to create brand awareness, generate leads, and make sales. Owners/operators hire us to do all of their social media marketing because we know where your targeted market is at and we know how to reach them. Our job here at AKAPOWERFULmedia is to handle the social media marketing. We maximize the newsletter creation and distribution on behalf of our clients.

We can customize a social media marketing plan that best fits your businesses objectives, financial budget, and deadline. Our social media marketing services can boost exposure and ROI for you.

When you need social media marketing done for your company, we’re the company to partner with.

We also produce a social media marketing blog on this website with social media marketing tips, advice, and motivation for the business owners of a small, medium and large businesses.

We do our best to fact check and produce quality tips, advice, and resources in our Youtube videos for the small, medium, and large size businesses.

Check out my podcast on Itunes and don’t forget to download my FREE Ebook.

Expert. Professional. Caring.




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